About Us

Gravity Calisthenics Gym was founded by Yousuf Al Gurg in May of 2015. During that time, Yousuf was still a university student studying to be an architect; however, he came across calisthenics over social media and developed an urge to learn the sport himself. Dubai at the time did not have any facilities or trainers which catered to that. Noticing the gap in the market, Yousuf decided to launch Gravity Calisthenics Gym as a hub for people wanting to learn and practice calisthenics and parkour in Dubai.

Right from the start, Gravity developed a close relationship with the World Calisthenics Organization, hosting the world's first WCO level 2 calisthenics workshop along with the grand opening of Gravity Calisthenics Gym. Since then Gravity has grown to become one of the if not the top calisthenics facility worldwide due to its facilities and world famous trainers. In October 2017, Gravity Calisthenics Gym moved out of its previous facility of 7,000 sqft and opened at its new 14,000 sqft facility making it the region's first and one of the world's biggest movement academies.

Gravity also began gaining traction in the movement sector rather than just the field of Calisthenics, with many of the UAE's movement practitioners taking Gravity as a base for their practice. Due to this, mid-2016 Saleh Al Braik came onboard as a partner at Gravity Calisthenics Gym with an investment which went towards the expansion of the facility into the region's first movement academy and entry to different sectors as well.