“The art of using one’s body weight and qualities of inertia as a means to develop one’s physique.”

The schedule offers three forms of Calisthenics classes at our facility: Foundations, Graduates & Freestyle.

Foundations: This class accommodates people with no background in calisthenics and will take you through the foundational movements to be able to begin practicing and
progressing in calisthenics.
What to expect: full body workout, core activation, increased mobility, body awareness, using muscles you didn’t know existed, and a coach that will expect nothing less than perfect form.

Graduates: This class will challenge those who are more experienced with calisthenics, putting them through the more advanced variations of what was learned in foundations.
What to expect: Focus on skills such as Planche, Front lever and Muscle-up. To be sore for a couple days.

Freestyle: Want to learn to fly over the bar? This is where that happens. This class focuses on teaching you the skills needed to learn tricks on the high bar.
What to expect: 360s, flips and an adrenaline rush!